We are a manufacturer of the  High End speakers of the highest quality, fitted with very high sensitivity full range drivers without frequency crossovers. Our products are characterized by full details, excellent localization and spatiality of musical instruments. Get to know the quality without compromise and enjoy the maximum enjoyment of listening of music.

Evolution speakers

RDacoustic Evolution speakers front Horn Oris500 speaker driver Voxativ AC1.8 wooden cone

Unique soud in combination with luxury design.

  • Only one highly sensitive speaker driver (98dB) (wideband, full range)
  • Without using frequency crossovers
  • Back horn
  • Patented design
  • Pure unique sound

Euphoria speakers

High End Euphoria fullrange speakers with bass driver

Compact loudspeakers with powerfull bass tones.

  • High sensitive speaker 8” (98dB)
  • Massive woofer 15” (101dB)
  • Bi-Amping connection
  • Selectable crossover in five levels

Acoustic diffuser QRD67

For better acoustic performance and increase spatiality. 

  • RDacoustic quadratic acoustic diffuser QRD67Variance from 345 Hz
  • Number of points N: 67 x 67 = 4489
  • Size: 168 x 168 x 32 cm
  • Depth of panel: 250 mm
  • Minimum distance from the listener: 1.4 m