Hybrid diffuser

Acoustic solutions for audiophiles

Power supply
EMI Neutralizer

Ultra clean power supply

The best for your audio components


Sound you will never forget.
High End speakers with extreme sensitivity drivers.


Listening studio

Treat yourself to a real musical experience in the privacy of our new listening studio.

You will not forget the dynamics and fullness of the finest details!


We bring the finest details to your ear with the help of exceptional sensitivity.

An artist composes a story. Their inner feelings, mood and emotions they put into a work of musical art. We strive to pass on the composition as directly and faithfully as possible to you, even the tiniest details included. Owing to the exceptional sensitivity, you are able to distinguish the strength with which someone held a string, or the size of a saxophone reed. The sound expression of our products we tune to the perfection of real musical instruments. We consider their colour, contour, their dynamics and for the transfer we try to utilise the most technically perfect way.

Human hearing is the most receptive human sense, it has a large resolution of 1:10-12. These days, classic stereo seems to be oftentimes neglected, yet listening to a quality recording on a quality audio system in the right acoustic conditions is a charming and relaxing experience.

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